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Driftwood RV Center: Family Owned Tradition
with a focus on Today's Market

Local, hands-on family ownership is a tradition at Driftwood RV Center: one that sets it apart in today's world of corporate dealerships and buyouts. RV buyers want to know who they are dealing with; and trust that those people will be there for them today, tomorrow and into the future. An area fixture since 1977, Driftwood RV Center recently took on the task of finding a way to build on its reputation for industry leading customer service while retaining the commitment to quality that comes with family ownership.

Driftwood RV Center and Camping Resort was started more than 4 decades ago by Malcolm and Jean Robertson as a small family campground of approximately 150 sites.

Maintaining that tradition while responding to the changing needs of today's customers is a challenge for any business, but one that Driftwood RV Center has risen to meet.

Working in partnership with area campgrounds is a key aspect in meeting customers' expectations. "Customers are looking for a turn-key answer to their needs. It's no longer enough to just sell them an RV, they want a one-stop place to get the Park Model they want and also the site they need to place it; and they want to be in a premier camping resort," Edson Robertson said. "That's the reason we are reaching out to campgrounds in the area: to show how we can team up to meet the needs of our common customers better and more efficiently than in the past.

A major change has been the emergence of the "Destination Camping" segment of the business. The traditional RVer was looking to get away, travel and see the country. That is still a huge part of the business, but over the past two decades, the dealership has moved heavily into serving a different clientele as well, one that is looking more for a second, vacation home. This growing customer base, combined with Driftwood RV Center's fortunate proximity to both the seashore and the mountain vacation areas, has led to a huge market for Park Models and Park Trailers. The Robertson brothers were some of the early visionaries who recognized, and built upon this emerging segment.

Another unique offering that helped give rise to Driftwood's emergence as the leader in Destination Camping is its in-house room and deck division, which is recognized throughout South Jersey for its quality. Featuring designs by Better Living, Driftwood's carpenters and contractors ensure that customers' room and deck additions to their Park Models is a seamless fit. "Having our own Room and Deck division has been a key asset to our customers. They know they can count on us to do the job correctly, and on-time and the cost of the room and deck can be conveniently financed right along with the purchase of the RV. Plus it fits into our goal of providing a one-stop location for the complete process," Robertson said.

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