Add Room and Deck to your Park Model

When you buy an RV, you go to the best dealership--that's why you came to Driftwood RV Center. But the same is true when you want to add a room or a deck to your Resort Home, Park Model or park Trailer--you want to go to the best, and that's why you should call Driftwood RV Center again.

An RV Center for Room construction? You bet!

Driftwood RV Center is the Jersey Shore's premier Room and Deck contractor, with over 30 years experience in building custom room and deck additions in Camping Resorts across the region. We use our own team of in-house craftsmen to do the job correctly--and we stand behind it.

Room and Deck for yout Park Model from Driftwood RV, Your RV Dealer
Room and Deck for yout Park Model from Driftwood RV, Your RV Dealer
Add a Room and Deck to your Driftwood RV Park Model

Sunroom, Patio room, Florida room... what's the difference?
A sunroom is a glass and screen outdoor living room installed on a wood or concrete foundation. It is also referred to as a patio room, solarium, patio enclosure or Florida Room. Walls of glass bring in sunlight, and protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and chill. Composed primarily of single or double pane glass, sunrooms should be designed to fit the style and look of your RV.
Sunroom additions are a popular means of home improvement. They are an affordable way of adding space to your RV. Sun-rooms let you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Depending on the style you choose, your sunroom can be a 3-season or year round room, increasing the enjoyment and resale value of your Park Model or Trailer.

An investment for living
Most sunroom homeowners think about sunrooms as an investment in their lifestyle. But they are also listed among the Top 10 Remodeling Projects in Remodeling magazine's annual report that compares construction costs with resale values for 25 common remodeling projects in 60 U.S. markets.
When you consider its value at resale, a sunroom project costs only 20 cents to 25 cents on the dollar. The other 75 cents to 80 cents spent on a project goes directly back into the home through increased value ¿ not to mention increased owner enjoyment!
It is something you and your family ENJOY to entertain, relax in, and just get away from it all¿So think outside the "return on investment" box and you will understand why our Betterliving sun room and patio room owners say "The only regret I have is¿we wish we had done it sooner."

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